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Should election laws, voting processes for small precincts be changed due to costs?
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Policies & Forms

Regarding criminal charges and tickets reported on this website:
History cannot be changed. Information posted here is public record. This information has always been available in print, and it is now much easier to access. This is the reality of the Internet.
This website is not responsible for removal of information from the archive of criminal charges reported in the past, whether or not the case eventually becomes a closed record. This legal opinion was rendered by the Missouri Press Association attorney in November 2010, and addresses persons who request removal of their name from the archives of this website.

"Letters to the Editor " Policy:
We welcome letters from readers. We require all letters to be signed by the writer, including a telephone number where the writer can be reached. The writer’s name will be published. Letter content must be of local interest to the general public. No personal or family letters, form letters or letters interpreted as libelous will be printed. We reserve the right to reject or to edit; changes affecting content will not be made without notifying the writer. 
NOTE: Since we are a weekly print publication, we do not accept political letters of endorsement or otherwise for publication in the final print edition before the election (to avoid a circumstance where the opponent cannot repond in like manner, as a matter of fairness). And, when politics are involved, we normally only print letters to the editor submitted from paid subscribers. Mail your letter to: Letter to the Editor, Gallatin North Missourian, 609B S. Main, Gallatin, MO 64640 or email your comments to:

News Policies:
With the exception of editorial page articles and columnists, all editorial comments should be omitted from news stores. Club news items should not include statements such as "Minutes were approved," "The treasurer's report was approved," "The meeting opened with the pledge to the flag," etc. Actions that commonly occur at all club meetings are not considered news. "Thank You" notes are considered advertising and should not be included in news articles. Whenever admission is charged, then phone numbers and admission prices about the event is also considered advertising -- if you charge, we charge (even for not-for-profit activities and events in order to pay for paper, ink, postage, etc.).

Nothing's quite as stale as yesterday's news. News items should be printed immediately after an event. Anything not reported immediately following an event may or may not be published. We will publish a news article no more than two times (once well in advance of an event, again during the week of the event). If a business, organization or individual wants an article published more than twice, the article can be printed as an advertisement.

Submitted Photos:
Unless specifically prohibited, digital images submitted for publication, excluding studio photos, will be posted in Gallatin Publishing Company online photo galleries and made available for purchase.

Obituary and Death Notices Policy:
No charge applies for the publication of death notices in the Gallatin North Missourian to subscribers or residents of Daviess County, MO, providing the information includes the following normal information:

  • Name, address and age of deceased
  • Date and location of funeral, burial, visitation services
  • Military rites
  • Date and location of death
  • Birthplace
  • Military service
  • School and work history
  • Memberships
  • Name of spouse, date and location of marriage
  • Family members whom preceded in death: immediate family members listed by name (grandchildren, great-grandchildren are not listed by name)
  • Survivors -- immediate family members by name and address; number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. (not listed by name)
  • Funeral home in charge of services
  • Memorials

The following information will be included in print only if space permits: names and addresses of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.; names and addresses of in-laws and others who are not immediate family members; officiating pastor, pallbearers, funeral music, musicians.

For those who do not want obituary information edited at all, the boxed obituary will be billed for fee.

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