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Should election laws, voting processes for small precincts be changed due to costs?
Don't Care
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Votes: 128
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· Do you believe ghosts can be heard at the Rotary Jail as suggested recently by 3AM Paranormal? (Results - 114 votes)
· If it saves money, do you like the idea of a 4-day school week? (Results - 155 votes)
· Will you be sorry to see the Hamilton Hornets leave the GRC? (Results - 126 votes)
· Will we ever leave our children and grandchildren with a debt-free nation? (Results - 80 votes)
· Do you agree that a Photo ID should be required to vote? (Results - 119 votes)
· Do you think the Altamont Post Office should be closed? (Results - 162 votes)
· Should Daviess County continue to be organized in townships? (Results - 161 votes)
· Should Congress allow the USPS to change to 5-day delivery? (Results - 125 votes)
· The University of Missouri should be in which athletic conference? (Results - 61 votes)
· To help parents, should Halloween always be observed on a Friday? (Results - 37 votes)
· When should Gallatinís downtown Christmas lights be turned on? (Results - 118 votes)
· Should Gallatin schools change to a 4-day week? (Results - 374 votes)
· Who should be allowed to text while driving a vehicle? (Results - 256 votes)
· Should Missouri abolish the death penalty? (Results - 130 votes)
· Do you like Daylight Savings Time? (Results - 63 votes)
· Where should the 2012 Chautauqua activities be held? (Results - 195 votes)
· Should election laws, voting processes for small precincts be changed due to costs? (Results - 128 votes)